Sujana 8mm bars

Sujana tmt bars come with an offer of rich and unique attributes - high corrosive resistance,good weldability,  strength,ductability etc. The rich and unique attributes and cutting edge technologies have made sujana tmt reputed bench mark in long steel and helped to become popular steel brand in the country.

Price :

35100 35100


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Size                          :      8-32  mm
Grade                       :      Fe-500
Selling Units            :      Tons

  • Excellent bendability – The Tempcore manufacturing process ensures a tough outer surface and a soft core producing great bendability.
  • Superior weldability is ensured through the low carbon equivalent.
  • Higher corrosion resistance resulting from the thick maternsitic rim that improves the corrosion resistance.
  • Higher seismic resistance owing to the higher strength and ductility of the rebars.

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