Tata Tiscon


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33385 33999


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Size                          :     8-32 mm
Grade                      :      Fe-500
Selling Units            :     Tons

  • Higher bond strength is developed between the rebar and the surrounding concrete. The design and profile of the rib and its replication throughout the length of the rebar by using automated milling machines makes this possible
  •  More economy – Tata Tiscon 500 rebars are higher in strength and elongation. This helps you economise on steel consumption without sacrificing safety.
  • Excellent bendability – The Tempcore manufacturing process ensures a tough outer surface and a soft core producing great bendability.
  • Superior weldability is ensured through the low carbon equivalent.
  • Higher corrosion resistance resulting from the thick maternsitic rim that improves the corrosion resistance.
  • Higher seismic resistance owing to the higher strength and ductility of the rebars.

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